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Animal Protection & Regulation

 All Animal Protection and Regulation concerns are handled by the Josephine County Sheriff's Department.  Shelter Staff do not have authority to investigate crimes, make arrests, seize animals, etc.  We cannot respond to concerns in the field.  For the most efficient response to your concern, please report to the Sheriff's Department.

Examples of concerns that can be reported to Animal Protection & Regulation:

     -Concerns over the care of an animal


     -Barking dog noise complaints

     -Animals running at large (off their property)

     -Nuisance animals (domestic only - no wildlife)

     -Animal bites

     -Aggression, or behavior that compromises safety

To file a report with Animal Protection and Regulation, call the Sheriff's Department at

(541) 474 - 5123 (option 3) or submit your report online by clicking here. 

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