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Surrendering Your Pet

CALL US AT (541) 474-5458

*********We are not taking dog surrenders at this time**********

Making the decision to surrender your pet is very difficult. Thousands of pets are surrendered to shelters each year for behavior, medical or financial reasons. Many of these issues have the potential to be resolved before considering surrendering as the only option. Please consider these options before surrendering your pet to a shelter.


Behavior Issues: Behavior issues are the most common reason for surrendering a pet, but many behavior issues can be resolved with a little effort. Consider contacting a local trainer or behavior consultant in your area. Click here for a list of local trainers in the Josephine County area.  

Medical or Financial Issues: Many pets are turned into shelters for medical or financial issues that an owner feels they cannot adequately address. There are resources for owners in need of medical care and financial help who are wanting to keep their pets. Click here for a list of national resources for helping owners.


Re-home your pet: You know your animal best and you know what kind of home the animal would thrive in.  Talk to friends, neighbors, and put an ad in the local paper. Keeping it from a stressful environment during the transition between homes will be the best for the health of your animal--especially for senior animals!  Be sure to take careful consideration of where your pet will be going. 

After considering all of these options, you may surrender your pet to the shelter. 


Please call us first at 541 474 5458 to set up an appointment for surrendering your pet. We get very full at times, and can only take in owner surrenders by scheduled appointments.


Surrender Fees: 

There is a $15 surrender fee for cats and a $50 fee for dogs.  These fees help cover the food, boarding, and medical costs we incur for our animals.  If available, bring any veterinary records with your animal. We have intake forms that ask a lot of detail about your pet; any information you have on them helps us in the process for finding them a new home.


The surrender forms are listed below if you would like to fill them out and bring them with you when surrendering. 


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