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Adopt, Love, License!

Licensing your pet is easy, affordable, and could be their ticket home.


Every dog 6 months or older is required by law to have a current rabies vaccination and be licensed with Josephine County.  This license must be renewed annually. 

To obtain your dog's license:

         -Purchase the license at your vet at the time of vaccination (available at most local vets), OR

         -Bring proof of a current rabies vaccination to the Public Health Department or the shelter.


Licensing your dog helps ensure that your four-legged friend can be returned to you if lost.  People who find licensed animals can call in the license number and save your animal the stress of being impounded and you the impound fees.  Stray dogs with licenses also have a longer hold period at the shelter to be picked up by their owners.

If your dog is licensed and impounded at the shelter, they will be able to be picked up within the first 24 hours for no charge!

A dog license is only valid for the duration of the rabies vaccination.

***************EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2017: Multi-year licensing is now available!******************

If your dog has a rabies vaccination that is valid for a period longer than one year from date of license purchase, you may choose to purchase a multi-year dog license.  For instance, if your dog is receiving a 3 year rabies vaccination, you may now purchase 3 licenses at once to save you the extra errands--not to mention a few bucks!  The same policies of single-year licensing apply: the dog license is only valid for the duration of the rabies vaccination.  

We highly recommend syncing up licensing with the rabies vaccination.  Our local vets have partnered with us to help ensure this is possible--licenses are available for purchase at most of our local vet offices.  Remember, a license could be your dog's ticket home!

Please call the shelter if you have any questions.

Licensing fees:

                          1 year         2 year        3 year

Altered                $20             $38            $56

Unaltered            $40             $78            $116

                                                    All licensing fees are non-refundable.              

                        100% of licensing fees help pay for the animal care and control services!

ZPB: 12/30/20 - 5:56PM


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