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Free-Roaming Cat Information

CALL US AT (541) 474-5458

Before trapping and bringing free-roaming cats into the shelter, keep the following things in mind:

Keeping feral cats from coming to the shelter will help us keep illness at bay, will allow us to have longer hold times for stray cats, and will help free up more resources for the care of the cats at the shelter.  Remember, not every free-roaming cat is feral.  Try to identify an owner and resolve the issue with them. If you trap a cat that is ear-tipped, it is most likely a spayed/neutered community cat - please release it. 


Our policies for accepting feral/fractious cats are as follows:

             -DO NOT SET A TRAP WITHOUT HAVING A PLAN! Shelters and vets are not usually able to  help same day. Make arrangements for the cats prior to setting a trap.

                - CALL FIRST at 541-474-5458 to arrange a time to bring the cat in

                - Cats must be brought in a small cat carrier or small cat trap-we will not accept cats in extra large containers.

                - Cats must be brought in one at a time in their own secure carrier/trap. We cannot accept two cats in one carrier/trap.

                - There is a $15 fee for any cat brought to the shelter.

                - Cats who are fractious will be sterilized and returned to the place they came from, if not adoptable.



Check out these resources below for dealing with cat issues:

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